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MunkyMods Pro Flex Stealth Cable Comb Set (Includes 4,6,8,8,12,14,16,24)

MunkyMods Pro Flex Stealth Cable Comb Set (Includes 4,6,8,8,12,14,16,24)

 MunkyMods Pro Flex ""Stealth" Cable Combs

Our Pro Flex Stealth Series Cable Combs are only 1/16" thick and available in Black and Natural (White). They are made from a space age thermoplastic and are super durable. We are so sure that you won't break them, we gave them a lifetime warranty.

This Eight (8) Piece Set includes:
  • (1) 4 Pin Cable Comb
  • (1) 6 Pin Cable Comb
  • (2) 8 Pin Cable Comb
  • (1) 12 Pin Cable Comb
  • (1) 14 Pin Cable Comb
  • (1) 16 Pin Cable Comb
  • (1) 24 Pin Cable Comb
These Cable Combs are available for both 2.65mm and 3.00mm wire/sleeve sizes.
(wire measurement includes wire conductor, insulation layer and outer sleeving)
Common Brands using 2.65mm opening:
  • EVGA® G2/P2/T2 sleeved cable sets.
  • CableMod® brand sleeved cable sets.
  • Corsair® brand sleeved cable sets.
Common Brands using 3.00mm opening:
  • CableMod® ModMesh sleeved cable sets.
  • EVGA® GS/PS brand sleeved cable sets.
  • Bitfenix® Alchemy sleeved extensions.
  • NZXT™ brand sleeved extensions.
  • ModRight™ brand sleeved extensions.
  • Mod/Smart™ Kobra MAX sleeved extensions.
  • Silverstone® brand sleeved extensions.
  • Phanteks® brand sleeved extensions.


Note: Power Cables in pictures are for reference and NOT included.
Color Choice
  • Cable Comb Information

    Cable Combs organize your power cables into a more managable and attractive bundle. They are available for 4, 6, 8, 12, 14, 16, 24 and 26 wire cables. 

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