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MunkyMods Pro Flex Cable Comb Set (Includes 4,6,8,8,12,14,16,24)

MunkyMods Pro Flex Cable Combs


Our Pro Flex Cable Combs are 1/8" thick and available in Black and Natural (White).


They are made from a space age thermoplastic and are super durable. We are so sure that you won't break them, we gave them a lifetime warranty.

This Eight (8) Piece Set includes:
  • (1) 4 Pin Cable Comb
  • (1) 6 Pin Cable Comb
  • (2) 8 Pin Cable Comb
  • (1) 12 Pin Cable Comb
  • (1) 14 Pin Cable Comb
  • (1) 16 Pin Cable Comb
  • (1) 24 Pin Cable Comb
These Cable Combs are available for both 2.65mm and 3.00mm wire/sleeve sizes.
(wire measurement includes wire conductor, insulation layer and outer sleeving)
Common Brands using 2.65mm opening:
  • EVGA® G2/P2/T2 sleeved cable sets.
  • CableMod® brand sleeved cable sets.
  • Corsair® brand sleeved cable sets.
Common Brands using 3.00mm opening:
  • CableMod® ModMesh sleeved cable sets.
  • EVGA® GS/PS brand sleeved cable sets.
  • Bitfenix® Alchemy sleeved extensions.
  • NZXT™ brand sleeved extensions.
  • ModRight™ brand sleeved extensions.
  • Mod/Smart™ Kobra MAX sleeved extensions.
  • Silverstone® brand sleeved extensions.
  • Phanteks® brand sleeved extensions.


Note: Power Cables in pictures are for reference and NOT included.
Color Choice
Wire Size
  • Cable Comb Information

    Cable Combs organize your power cables into a more managable and attractive bundle. They are available for 4, 6, 8, 12, 14, 16, 24 and 26 wire cables.